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Winter Tales Devised and Produced by The Shakespeare Ensemble

Collages by @Patrice.Moor (instagram)
Music by Carmel Freeman

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Ensemble Production Circle

Andrew Codispoti
Ben Crystal
Helen Foan – Aesthetics / Design Coordinator
Sean Garratt
Edward F. Speck
Xdzunúm Trejo-Boles
Taerie Wens


Gabriel Akamo — All Our Yesterdays Tomorrow (“in Jakarta…”)
actor, poet, educator, creative producer
London, UK
Twitter: @GabrielAkamo
Instagram: @gabrielakamo_

Anónimo — esperando (“in Baker Island…”)
En el sur

Anonymous — Sonnet 73 (“in Melbourne”)

Dan Beaulieu (“in Mexico City…”)

Esther Boles — Sonnet 32 (“in New York…”), and “in Chatham Islands…”
Walters Falls, Ontario, Canada
Image source:

Čertík (“in Taiohae…”)

Andrew Codispoti (“in Kathmandu…”, “in Praia…”)
New England

Collins — Sonnet 29 (“in Tashkent…”)
James Town, Ghana

David Crystal — Time Speaks – and Lord Tick-Tock (“in Darwin…”)
Texts sources: The Winter’s Tale and Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood
Holyhead, Wales, UK

Carmel Freeman, composer (“in Kiritimati…”, Winter Tales Soundtrack)
Tracks: Mayonnaise, a guitar, chase, cicada, asparagus, ham, jenga, Lingua Franca, tropic
The Hague, Netherlands

Sean Garratt (“in Tehran…”)

Emily Ingram — ‘your gallery / Have we pass’d through, not without much content / In many singularities’ (“in Dubai…”)

Tzintzuni Aquilar Izzo — Time’s Wings (“in Beijing…”), Shoreline (“in Calgary…”)
Along the banks of Nikentsake (Grasse River), Haudenosaunee Territory – Madrid, NY, USA

David Králik (“in King Edward Point…”)
Prague, Czech Republic
Instagram @spolk_kolektiv

Hiroaki Kurata – Winter’s Tale (“in Alofi…”)

Nii Kwartelai — Sonnet 18 (“in Yangon…”)
James Town, Ghana

Sergio Langarica — Cuento de tiempo (“in Auckland…”)
Idea y creación Sergio Langarica
Cámara Daniela Langarica
Facebook Sergio Langarica

LionHeart — Words… (“in St. John’s…”)

Uri Livne-Bar (“in Dhaka…”)

Gabriel Marin (“in Los Angeles…”)
São Paulo, Brazil
Instagram @ogabrielmarin

Priyesha Nair and Jaydeep Ashra — Sonnet 116 in Hindustani (“in Buenos Aires…”)
Recited by Priyesh Nair and Jaydeep Ashra
From ensemble Salaam Shakespeare Natak Company
Interpreted by Neha Vyas
From Mumbai India
@jaydeepashra @thesocialwolfie @vyaso on instagram

Solmund Nystabakk — Mister Downlands Winter (“in Anchorage…”)

Anelisa Phewa — Zulu translation of Sonnet 116 (“in Adelaide…”)
Anelisa Phewa Dramatec
Durban, South Africa

Eva Robayo — No soy de cristal (“in Tokyo…”)
Eva Robayo is a Colombian dancer based in Berlin

Renee Rose (“in London…”)

Edward F. Speck (“in Brussels…”)
Edward F. Speck is Artistic Director of Theater in the Open, based in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

William Sutton — Sonnet 123 (“in New Delhi…”)

Em Thane (“in Moscow…”)

Xdzunúm Danae Trejo-Boles — Exit pursued by a bear (“in Eucla…”), Thoughts on Hermione (“in Honolulu…”)
Exit pursued by a bear Filmed by Esther Boles
Bear, Enapae
Guanajuato, México
Thoughts on Hermione – Special thanks to Yellow-tulip-boy
Walters Falls, Ontario, Canada
Instagram @xdzunae

Neha Vyas — Time & I (“in Caracas…”)
Written and Recited by Neha Vyas
Edited by Priyesha Nair
From New York City, USA
@vyaso @thesocialwolfie on instagram

Antonia Weir (“in Anadyr…”)
Words inspired by Shakespeare by Antonia Weir, VO Antonia Weir, video, Theo shack
Based in Scotland
Twitter Antonia_weir

Taerie Wens — “in Kabul…”, “in Cairo…”
Prague, Czech Republic
Instagram @taeriewens

Isabel Adomakoh Young, actor, writer and drag king (“in Brisbane…”)
@Bellefrog Instagram
@isabel_ay Twitter

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