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Coming soon, further portraits by Will O’Hare & documentary interviews from William Zamundu.


Character Postcards

WyW – Portraits in Isolation

Portraits of the What You Will Players – Xdzunúm Trejo Boles, Colin Hurley, Amba Suhasini Katoch Jhala, Anirudh Nair, Renee Rose, Em Thane – c/o Will O’Hare – 3 more Players to come…

Interview with the What You Will Players

An ensemble performing solo, together alone, so much shared. We asked our 9 players to reflect on the project, and their experience devising in isolation.

In this age of Netflix and HBO, why is this project still relevant?

Hiroaki​: The audience can steer a ship named WyW.

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Maria’s Riddle Notebook

Maria’s Riddle Notebook
c/o Maria: Ambition, performed by Amba Suhasini Katoch Jhala

Dan Beaulieu’s A defense/An indictment of Toby Belch

Player Dan Beaulieu shares his incredible, searing, and insightful perspective of tackling Sir Toby Belch, along with the (very personal) engine of addiction.

The deep dive of what you will ​was murky and troubling water… Toby’s final line in the play is “I hate a drunken rogue”, often to the amusement of the laughing audience. I posit that what he is in fact saying is “I hate my Selfe”.

(Trigger Warning – Dan’s piece contains references to and deals with issues of themes including: mental health, addiction, drug use, self-harm, as well as Shakespeare)

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BBC Radio Interview

Project curator Ben Crystal discusses What You Will with Salma El-Wardany and LionHeart on BBC Radio London.


Minutes of the initial Distance Collaboration Working Group Meeting, 2020.05.08

This idea isn’t just about collaboration during lockdown; We are fortunate to work with folk around the world

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Teaser Trailers

The trailers feature the song ‘My Father Built Me A Pretty Tower’ by The Askew Sisters, which is used with their kind permission.

Statement from Ben Crystal, Curator

What You Will​ is a response to 2020, an innovative offer of congregation and interaction

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