In this time where we are limited in what we can experience of the world, through our various degrees of restriction, the great Shakespeare Birthday Cake offers us a chance to taste of the globe we once knew.

What we offer up to the world on Shakespeare’s birthday is Sonnet-sourced, bite-sized, tasty morsels of joy. For example:

A taste of time
A taste of love
A taste of the earth

Here’s ours:


And here’s how to make your own:

  1. Choose a flavour (ie. a taste) you want to share with the world at this time. Grab a piece of text from Shakespeare’s sonnets that speaks to that flavour (be brief – no longer than a sonnet, and just use part of a sonnet if you want to!)
  2. Make a video incorporating your text in some way (spoken or otherwise). Give us a window into your current world, or perhaps choose imagery that chimes with the text, or both! You can appear in the film, or stay off-camera.
  3. Then, post the finished film at 23 minutes past an hour of your choosing on the 23rd of April. Use the hashtags #ShakespeareBirthdayCake and #theShakespeareEnsemble and tell folk to search out the others.

You can use Will’s sonnets website ( to source the text & even filter the sonnets by theme!

Thank you for helping us bake this cake!