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What You Will, 2020

Alasdair Hunter is a Scottish theatre director. He is Artistic Director of, a Connections Director for the National Theatre (London), and regularly teaches at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and other UK drama schools.

Amba-Suhasini Katoch Jhala is an actor, deviser, and teaching artist. She lives in Delhi, India.

Andrew Codispoti is an actor-director-poet-playwright. Artistic Director of Advice to the Players ‘16 & ‘17, and a long-term company member with Seven Stages Shakespeare Company, New Art Theatre, The Barnstormers Theatre. Based in New England.

Anirudh Nair is an actor, director, producer, teaching artist, and practitioner. He specialises in physical theatre and the spoken word. He lives in Delhi, India.

Antonia Weir is an actor, deviser, writer, musician, and producer from Somerset. She lives in London.

Ariana Karp is an actor, director, educator and cellist currently living in New York. She is the Artistic director of the International Shakespeare Centre Santa Fe.

Ben Crystal is an actor, producer, writer, and adventurer-practitioner of Shakespeare, and curates the Ensemble. He lives in Wales.

Dan Beaulieu is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Seven Stages Shakespeare Company, as well as the co-host of the podcast No Holds Bard. He lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Dave Coonan is a teacher, director, and producer. He lives in New York, USA.

Drew Ernhout is an actor and artist currently living in West Tokyo. He’s worked with the ensemble since 2011.

Em Thane is an actor and recent drama school postgraduate. They live in London.

Eric Rasmussen is Foundation Professor of English at the University of Nevada. He is the co-editor, along with Sir Jonathan Bate, of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Hazel Askew is a folk musician, singer and composer. She is part of The Askew Sisters and Lady Maisery and lives in London.

Helen Foan is a puppet designer, maker, and director, and one half of Foan and Fortune. She lives in London.

Hiroaki Kurata is a professional stand-up Manzai comedian, based in Tokyo.

Jake Kemp is a workshop leader, chef, and general inspiration. He lives in London.

Matt Reznek is an actor and photographer. He lives in Vancouver, CA.

Matthew Bentley is a director, actor, and producer, He currently lives in New York, USA.

Renee Wilson is an actress. She resides in New York, USA.

Rob Gander is a theatre director and professor from Reno, Nevada. He is slowly freeing himself from an obsession with “what next”.

Sean Garratt is an actor, clown, puppeteer, deviser and creator. He splits his time between London and Chicago.

Tereza Vacková is an actor and artist. She lives in Prague, CZ.

William Sutton finds solace within acting. He loves Shakespeare and memorised his Sonnets over 25 years ago. His continued love of Shakespeare’s work and time leads him to further and further study. Questions beget questions. William is currently inundated with unread books on the course of Western theatre history and literature. When overwhelmed, he juggles and recites sonnets to the rhythm of plops and thuds.

William Zamundu is a Congolese photographer and filmmaker living in Belgium. His passion is storytelling. It always starts with writing, and the final form of the piece is a mystery to be discovered on the journey of creating every piece.

Xdzunúm Trejo Boles is a dancer/choreographer. She works parallel to music and visual arts, exploring object theatre terrain. Originally from Mexico, she travels between Montreal and Southern Ontario, Canada.

Earlier Projects

Angela Hope Smith is an actor. She lives in New Hampshire, USA.

Calley Luman is an actor, artist and singer from New York, USA.

Professor David Crystal OBE, world authority on the English Language and master of Original Pronunciation.

Dylan Kammerer is an actor, clown, and multi-instrumentalist, and has extensively explored Shakespeare’s late Clown, moving through Twelfth Night, King Lear and Winter’s Tale, a regular collaborator with Dan and Seven Stages Shakespeare. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Joy Colango is an artist and lives in Monterey, CA.

Jules Cooper is a Wild Crafter and Hedgewitch, and lives in Anglesey, North Wales.

Lionheart is a spoken word performance poet from London via Grenada

Matthew Walsh is a funeral undertaker and singer, living in Holyhead, North Wales.

Rob Mennear is a choreographer from Cornwall, UK.

Solmund Nystabakk is a world renowned Lute player, and expert on musical instrument original practices from the 17th century. He lives in Tromsø, Norway.

Stuart Woodman is a forager, chef, and brewer from Cornwall, via Hertfordshire, UK.

Suzie West is a choregrapher and teacher, with a MA in Community Engagement. She lives in Cornwall, UK.

Tim Jacobs is an actor and company manager, and a long-term collaborator with Dan Beaulieu’s Seven Stages Shakespeare Company. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.