The Dreame Project

An immersive promenade adaptation of

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dreame

At the Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead, North Wales

Uniting the Main Hall and its Amphitheatre

The Comical-Tragical Story of Pyramus and Thisbe

Told using 5-metre tall Bunraku puppets

Live music by Norwegian Lute player Solmund Nystabakk

Flashmob dance with members of the community of Holyhead

A special menu created using foraged and local produce

Music! Food! Dance! Theatre! Workshops! Carouse! Indulge! Feast!

Free For All, or Pay What You Decide

A week long festival of community theatre, music, workshops, performances, and food! A production that is fully raised and realised within the Ucheldre Centre, in four days! Step beyond the veil to the world of Faerie, Magicke, love and betrayal, voyaging to a night of dreams where laws hold no ground, but lore is all.

Shakespeare’s most famous summer play & a family favourite, performed by members of the Shakespeare Ensemble. Artists will travel to Holyhead from Norway, America, Canada, and India for this specially commissioned residency at the Ucheldre Centre.

Tying together the main Hall, the Amphitheatre, and the Kitchen to create a promenade show and themed, locally-sourced menu, taking inspiration and ingredients from Holyhead and Anglesey.

Creating the show from scratch in 4 days using Elizabethan rehearsal methods, and spoken in the accent of Shakespeare’s time for the first time in the UK for 400 years, the production will take inspiration from the art & history of Anglesey, while the design will respond to the architecture of the Ucheldre Centre itself.

Unless Autumn comes early, the show will begin in the Ucheldre Centre main Hall, before moving the action outside to the Amphitheatre, then returning to the Hall (before it gets too cold) for the final Act.

Audience members will travel with the lovers and the Mechanicals into the world of the Faerie, accompanied by live music from the critically acclaimed 16th Century lute work of Norwegian Solmund Nystabakk, together with live music from the acting ensemble.

Featuring the music of Björk, Radiohead, Max Richter, Frank Sinatra, Sigur Ros, classic folk, jazz and blues, ending with the magical, funny, and heart-breaking story of Pyramus and Thisbe, performed by the company using specially commissioned Bunraku puppets.

Audience members will leave the Centre with summer in the hearts – and delight in their bellies, thanks to the magic created in the Ucheldre Centre’s Kitchen, a collaboration between Cornish chef, brewer, and forager Stuart Woodman, Anglesey Hedgewitch & Wild crafter Jules Cooper, and Jake Kemp.

Come & see 70 minutes of Shakespeare, have a bowl of locally foraged food,
& grab a drink as local crooner-Karaoke singer Matthew Walsh warms up the night

Free For ALL or Pay What You Decide
Any proceeds will support the Ucheldre Centre.
This show is performed in the promenade, moving inside & outside the Centre; standing, walking, & sitting outside will be complemented by blankets, chairs, and cushions, & donation-based refreshments.
Picnics encouraged.

Dream Programme, Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead, North Wales, August 2018