Feste: Song
Performed by Hazel Askew

Orsino: Vanitas
Devised by Anirudh Nair and Yashas Chandra
Performed by Anirudh Nair (Orsino), Vansh Sethi & Prerana (Curio and Co)
Filmed by Yashas Chandra
Outside Eyes: Ariana Karp

With Additional Music:
Mora Saiyyan (an original rendition by Amrita Lalljee)
Get em Up (by LVX)

Viola: Rain
Devised & Performed by Em Thane
Outside Eyes: Ariana Karp

Olivia: Grief
Devised & Performed by Renee Rose
Outside Eyes: Rob Gander, Dave Coonan

Malvolio: Madness
Devised & Performed by Colin Hurley
Outside Eyes: Matthew Bentley

Maria: Ambition
Devised & Performed by Amba Suhasini Katoch Jhala
Filmed by Kavi Bhatt
Outside Eyes: Sean Garratt

María de abajo: Opportunism
Devised & Performed by Xdzunúm Trejo Boles
Outside Eyes: Antonia Weir

Belch: Addiction
Devised & Performed by Dan Beaulieu
Outside Eyes: Will Sutton

Andrew: Melancholy
Devised & Performed by Hiroaki Kurata
Outside Eyes: Drew Ernhout

the music and song of The Askew Sisters performed live by
& the artwork of @Patrice.Moor (instagram)

Outside Eyes Coordination: Alasdair Hunter

What are outside eyes? For artists solo devising a digital performance, the Outside Eyes performed the important task of feeding back to the artists what the performance looked like from the outside. Ranging from “When you did [this thing] it made me feel [this way]” to “You were off camera & I couldn’t see you face.” Alasdair offered this same service but spent an amount of time with each actor & their dedicated Outside Eyes.

Character portraits & camera aesthetics – Matt Reznek
Artist portraits – William Zamundu
Map, Poster & Character Postcard wrangle – Antonia Weir
Trailer wrangle – Ariana Karp
Responsive aesthetics design – Helen Foan
Make-up consultation – Tereza Vacková
Digital Arts consultation – Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth, Tamsin Drury
Music-streaming consultation – Christos Vayenas
Marketing consultation – Christine Penney
Governance support – Jake Kemp, Eric Rasmussen
Storyboard – Dan Beaulieu
Website & admin support – Andrew Codispoti
Production support – Matthew Bentley
With great contribution of time and energy from Dylan Kammerer
Project Curation – Ben Crystal

This project is possible thanks to the generosity of &